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Dr. Sherry Zenor   Doctor's hours by appointment

telephone 941-342-8600 * fax 941-351-9272 * email
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For medical emergencies:

To schedule same day house calls call 941-342-8600

(Emergencies only, availability dependent.) 

For daytime emergencies call the Cat Hospital of Sarasota 921-4040

For after hours and weekend emergencies: The Animal ER  

355-2284 (for N Sarasota) or

Sarasota Veterinary Emergency Hospital for South Sarasota
(941) 923-7260. These facilities have
 a veterinarian and staff on-duty nights and weekends to provide full service emergency attention for your pet. Some facilities also offer ambulances. 

The Cat Depot and the Humane Society of Sarasota County always have cats needing homes.

Cat Depot
Humane Society


Snuggles wants you to know that he will put up with almost anything to find his forever home.

We think it is only fair that this terrific cat gets extra attention for being such a great sport and wearing our silly hat. Meanwhile, trust that he will live up to his name and please, come by to meet him.​

Domestic Shorthair/Mix
3 years 7 months 

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I purrsonally know and recommended these cat sitters for loving care while you're away...
Lois Black  924-8475

Ginger Aldridge​ 587-4060
Jennifer Pell  224-3664 

​Marianna Basile:   587-4225