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A ounce of "purrvention" is worth 9 LIVES!!! Many people assume that if their cat acts fine,it is fine. However, cats are very stoic and often "mask" early illness, making wellness exams by a veterinarian very important, especially over the age of eight.

Early detection of problems can literally be lifesaving, making a difference of years in the life of your cat. After the age of ten, I strongly suggest twice a year exams, as cats age much more rapidly than we do, and their health status can change in just a few months.

An Ounce Of Purrvention

House Calls

Purrsonalized Home Services

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We all know cats hate to travel! With the help of a veterinary assistant, I offer standard feline health services in the home.

I also offer supportive care for senior patients and in-home euthanasia as well as behavior consulting.


Thru my affiliation with the Cat Hospital I am able to provide surgical services and care for cats needing more intensive tests and/or care.

What happens during

a House Call?

After we set a time for the visit, we make every attempt to arrive on time but please leave a 15-30 minute arrival window. Once I arrive with an assistant we provide the following services as necessary in the cats' comfort of your own home.

• physical exam & vaccinations
• blood chemistry monitoring
• fluid treatments
• treatment of minor ailments
• senior wellness management
• dental services
• parasite control
• nutritional counseling
• in-home euthanasia