Florida in 2003 and I’m now living my dream in paradise. Through my house call practice: Angel Cats, and consulting for local shelters, I provide care exclusively for cats. It has also been my honor to have helped shelters raise thousands of dollars for their pets by sponsoring events and giving presentations to cat lovers on cat care and communication. There is always more to learn, and I love to share knowledge (and learn!) with cat lovers everywhere.

My goal is simple: to enrich the physical and emotional lives of cats and the wonderful people who love them. Happy cats = Happy owners!


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"My two beloved cats were captured as kittens in Key West--true ferals--I've done a lot of reading on my own but every time I go to one of Dr. Sherry's lectures, I learn something valuable."

Kim N., Sarasota, FL

Most of the time I discover that what people interpret as “cat behavior problems” are just the cat’s way to attempt to communicate with its owners.  Their efforts are literally “lost in translation”. What can you do?

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There are no bad cats, just poor communicators!

Cats are UNIQUE, SPECIAL and NOT just “little dogs.” They have differing medical problems, nutritional needs and behavioral traits than dogs.


They don’t like change and most of them HATE to travel. Each cat is an individual, with widely varying personalities and temperaments.


They deserve special attention, and anyone who loves and is loved by a cat knows this!

Cats are my passion! Midwest born and raised, I graduated from Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine and had a small animal practice in Iowa for many years. Warmth and sunshine

beckoned however, and I moved to Sarasota,