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Watercolor by Dr . Zenor

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Purrsonalized Home Services

About This Site

Have You Lost Or Are You Soon Losing A Close Cat Friend?

Click on the image below to find out more about Dr. Purr's book on dealing  with the loss of a dear companion.

After moving to Sarasota, in 2003, I started the Angel Cats house call practice so I could provide my clients with the personalized attention, care and compassion that a house call allows:

• Physical exams
• Vaccinations
• Blood chemistry monitoring
• Fluid treatments
• Treatment of minor ailments
• Senior cat wellness management
• Dental services
• Behavioral counseling
• Parasite control
• Nutritional counseling
• In-home euthanasia

 Why Choose A Cat Vet    When Angels Purr

Dr. Sherry Zenor  Hours 9:00 - 6:00  Doctor's Hours by appointment only

telephone 941-342-8600 * fax 941-351-9272 * email drsherz@aol.com

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